Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update July 2012

Okay, I've been told to make an update to my blog!!

Yeah, so I'm gonna do it, Melody Hew En Yi, see? This post is just for you. =.=" Right, who is Melody Hew eh? Aha, this brings back sweet memories of my past. It was a certain day of year 2006, where there three young word musketeers (yeap, Word Musketeers, Problems?) brought their weapon; The dictionaries, on their way to SMK Seri Kembangan. There were lots of people gathering there, all ready for battle, but for what? The title of becoming the Scrabble champions! Yup, its me, Aviel and Bryan who managed to represent the school for this tournament.

Well, I'll skip the 1st match, and jump to the point. My 2nd match was against an unlikely young and beautiful girl, skin fair as a... (pig?? What? pig skin looks fair), err... well yeah thats the only point that cause me to have such a print to my memory. Its En Yi. So she was one who fought against our captain once, Bryan, and lose miserably (so he said that time).. and I thought it'll be okay going against her.

 And.... YES! I won her! by a mere 12 points though. All thanks to her 2 skips in a row causing me to catch up to her points. (Oi En Yi, do you still keep the records? If you don't, that means you don't cherish the moments of our childhood times =(, have a look at that if you have, and you'll surely either having a wide smile now or cursing me then. HAHAHAHAHA)

 So our team won flat against all the players, none of us lost. Everyone wowed at us because its our 1st time in the tournament except Bryan. Wootz! Those were the days when people asks: "do you have MSN? can I have your email?" rather than "FACEBOOK NAME?", can't forget those man.. really.. So we exchanged emails and FRIENDSTER.

 So, Aviel and Bryan did teased me about En Yi, and well, she's quite chubby, cute and fair (based on what I thought of her last time?) so that impacted me a li'l that time. They teased me for about few months. En Yi and I did chat once in a while, maybe few times a month for the early months, then we don't really keep up to each other then. Very seldom she's active in her Live Messenger, and I remember she always kept it on even though her family's using the computer. Auto connect I guess?

 2-3 years later, I found out that I got somewhat closer to May Yin(her friend) than her. Probably because those time I'm err... easier to talk to? People kept sharing their problems to me, especially their love life. Weird right? Yes I think so too =.=" But its okay if I've been of help to them, though I myself needed some help as well in that area those days too. LOL.

After form 5, Somehow, she did had some time to talk to me, FINALLY, I thought. Well, turned out later that she's sharing her problems with me as well. Well, can't say much about it, or else she'll look for me and KILL me if I do write that here. =) We slowly talked and know about each other better since then. Though I must admit, I didn't really catch up with her often, and tend to forget about her. She always been the one calling me or messaging me XD

 And to say, Noah knew her too, which really is a big coincidence =)

 I feel so touched, having a friend that remembers me somehow, as I am always alone, forever alone. I'm glad to have such a chat-pal that barely sees each other (err, we didn't meet other since form 2? LOL), and yet have this strong bond, as a friend.

And well, now En Yi is a big girl, no more emo talks now =) She has her own big plans coming out already, which is very good. I'm partly included in that big plan as well, and I'm happy she invited me to be in it. Hahaha.

 Personal note to En Yi: I'm always here to hear you out friend, or even better, I've treated you like my own sister lol. If there's anything, just call me =)

 Ethan Liew signing out

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