Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another Emo post of mine

Well, I just got my UPU.
The offer is Computer Science (Computer Network Security) in UniSZA, Terengganu.
I don't really like that place, even the University
I don't want to be separated with my piano.
I don't want to burden my dad with the expensive fees if I wanna study in UCTI, near my house.
I should take UniSZA. Which is very cheap.
I couldn't give up my 4 years without piano beside me.
I wanna study music while taking my degree. Piano and either Guitar or Violin.
I have no money.
I don't wanna burden my dad with more expenses.

But, what must be done must be done. I must continue my piano lesson, and I'll need to study in UCTI so that I'm near to my piano, which is easier to me to train my skills.

Whats bugging me now is to ASK. I'm just too intimidated to ask my dad. I just don't know why, as if its my natural response towards that. I just can't ask, even some school fees last time. I'm still the same useless fella who can't ask things from my dad. Going out with my friends? Getting baptised? buying some stuff? Learn piano? My plans for the future? NO! I never asked him anything, only when he ask about it then only I'll ask for that particular thing.

ARRGGHH, its just difficult.

Ethan Liew signing out.


Anonymous said...

Either you ask or buy a guitar to bring with you.
just don't regret not asking. :)

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

wow so fast reading my updates XD
Nah, I'll ask eventually. Just procrastinating as long as I can before that "dooms" day. lol

Anonymous said...

But u seldom update haha