Sunday, March 29, 2009

My sorrow

Why am I alone when I need people to help me?

I am not God,
I cant be Omni-potent;
I cant carry all my jobs perfectly.

I am not a messenger,
Bringing messages for you all.
For I am your leader;
That I should lead you,
To every kinds of rough roads,
To every tides of strong waves.

But now,
I am alone,
Fighting the Wicked,
My heart is crying;
Everything I do now is useless.
My companions are slowly fading,
To the other end of my road,
Which I will never go.

I need you all,
To support me,
To help me,
To find me when there's anything
For I am not always free,
For I am walking to the road of the Higher.

I am tired,
Tired of fighting.
My young ones,
Go now and live peacefully,
For I and the Wicked will go to the road of the Higher,
Leaving you all without sorrow,
But with joy a bountiful.
I hope there is no more,
No more Wicked lies within your clan.

I am fighting with the Wicked,
For he is my greatest enemy,
For he betrayeth my belief in him;
For he wants to exceed me;
For he wants to overthrow me;
For he wants the throne;
The throne of My life;
The crown of My Soul.

I am sad.
I am alone.
My heart is pounding with bitterness,
My bosom feels the eternal pain,
For every pound aches.
I hope that I will be saved,
By my companions.
But I know it won't happen.
For they all have left me,
Enjoying their life;
Having pleasure,
For they need not to fight against the Wicked.
I am the One,
That the Wicked take interest of.

(To Be Continued...)

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