Friday, August 7, 2009

Was told to update..

Wow! I didn't knew that people do really care about my blog.

A lot of form 2-3 girls know about my blog. And of course, they know who I like thanks to what I wrote on the blog. They asked for more! So I'll give them more.

Okay, these days I've been studying(so-called) and kinda sad in sort of ways. During Thursday 2 weeks ago, something big happened. This "something" made me fall in the midst of failure. My love life really sucks.

I like her, Thomas like her, Juede might like her last time, And of course, Wei Khong, who got her.
(And please.. Don't say: "You can't use the word like on humans la! Only love is allowed to be used," Seriously I'll kill you. Because that English teacher sucks although my English is bad. I'll explain it next time.)

Now, trying to find a new one. But seems like I really can't do it. Because I think my time is coming to an end. Plus she is still in depth of my heart, really really hard to erase it, but I'm trying, just trying to forget it. Forget how beautiful she look when she smile towards me; the look when she laughs; the look when she is alone, thinking really deep on something.

Okay, now let's put that aside.

Today, I almost caught in a fight with Indians.
They stole a snack from the form 2 girls which are my BSMM active members.
So when I went there, the girls went to me and hoped that maybe I could help them. And I did.
I went to the Indians, being alone.(The girls are really scared, Haiz.. So, I have no backup.)
And so I went scolding them non-stop. They also replied to my scolding, so it's like: "wanna fight ah?! Coming here alone and scold us?! Stupid fella!" They tried to deny they took it. But at last they finally admit it, but in an unsatisfied way because I'm so disturbing. Cool eh? They paid back the money for the snack. The Form 2s finally got back their faces, and I gained some experience on scolding Indians. Last time I do scared of them. Because they really dare to fight if they want to.

That's all for now.


Manjix said...

Imma appearing in your face for once. Be proud that I came here personally to piss you off.

*Note : Removing my post/your post/your whole blog shows that you're really an immature sore loser who doesn't accept defeat*

First of all, your negative qualities already overshadowed your positive qualities. Hell I gave a damn about you saving some nigga chicks, I'm talking 'bout Sex Over The Phone. I'm pretty sure I don't need to point out as you yourself knows it the best.

You are not even forgetting to begin with. Don't waste time thinking how the heck I know as I once said before I'm close to omnipotence and I had limited omniscience that allows me to know what the heck you did.

I did been through your situation once and I get it over with in around a few days. Talking to the girl you like by bribing her with candy is not called smart, that's pathetic and stupid. The "I don't see you as my friend, I see you as a woman" technique is old, lame and stupid, and that's reason of you unable to grab her bitch.

I respected you once for what you did, but after looking properly, nah, the hell I did that anyway. A dumb ass whom still disturbs others' girlfriend is not an asshole, but a pathetic imbecile. Utilizing crevasse in the heart of maidens are not what an honorable man would do.

After writing all these shit, I gave up continuing. I guess I should just put summary and conclusion.

You are just a fucking low pathetic imbecile that not only fucked his own life but also destroyed all relationship with your shitty attitude. Don't give me bullshit like "But look at you, nobody likes you and so many girls like me". I have friends, you have nothing but blind worshipers whom will eventually find a better religion and people to worship. If you still insist that point is better than mine, fine, but after your graduation you will get fucked in the college, literally, by gays.

Have fun feeling cocks from gay bastards. But though I doubt they would want to fuck a pathetic imbecile like you. Your inanity is just beyond salvation.

Zohan said...

this is ridiculous. seriously. posting sensitive shit up just for the sake of fulfilling a bunch of form2s wet dreams? and thanks for tellin me u lied to us all this while. i tot u are gonna forget about her, but you still are lookin for trouble. plus this is a website for all to see, dont u think someone would tell wei khong and ur ex about this? Did u know how my blog got fucked up? the same way yours is gonna be.

ps; want a word of advice? stop this. it sounds so stupid. youre making urself look stoopid. and perverted too.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

LOLX. Thanks for all the advices. I did try to forget about her. In fact It's almost a success. Now I'll just concentrate on my studies first. And by the way, I knew you all would comment me, so I posted this.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope you don't remove this post like you always do for your previous ones.

Manjix said...

You're unwanted. Accept the fact and go back to where you belong. But I hope you do know about where traitors belong.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

Sorry.. No bad words please!

Manjix said...

Deleting comments that were true to hide your weakness. What a joke.